Converse County Library Foundation, Inc.

Next Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
300 Walnut St. Douglas, WY , 6:00 pm

Library Foundation
Board Members

Cher Bailey, President
, Vice President
, Secretary
, Treasurer
Troy L. Hopkins, Member
Scott Barber, Member
Edgar Allan Poe, Member
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Member
Mark Twain, Member
Bob Lindmier, Library Board of Trustees Representative

Ex-Officio Members

Karen Hopkins, Library Director
Paul Pidde, Branch Manager

All library foundation board meetings are held bi-monthly. Check library for date, time, and location.


To secure gifts, endowments and memorials, and sponsor functions for buildings and financial support of the Converse County Library Systems, and to administer such gifts, endowments and memorials donated and earned monies for the buildings and support of the Converse County Library System.

Wyoming Public Library Endowment Challenge Program

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