Blakeman, Mrs. W.H. (Unknown - April 9, 1930)

Mother and Sister of Mrs. C.J.

Saul Die

Douglas Budget - April 17, 1930

Mrs. Charles J. Saul was doubly bereaved last week in the death of both her mother and her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Saul were called to Norfolk, Neb., early in the week by the illness of Mrs. Saul's mother, Mrs. W.H. Blakeman. Mrs. Blakeman died Wednesday. Mrs. W.C.Stubbs, herself ill, had come to Norfolk from her home in Riverton, Ia., to be with her mother. She was taken to a Norfolk hospital with an acute case of appendicitis and died Saturday evening.

Mrs. Stubbs had many friends in Douglas. With her husband she made her home here for a time several years ago.


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