Bolln, Elizabeth (Bess) Lee (Willox) (Unknown - June 12, 1935)


Dies at Los Angeles Following Operation

Douglas Budget - June 13, 1935

Her many Douglas friends were shocked to hear of the death Wednesday afternoon at Los Angeles of Mrs. Bess Willox Bolln, wife of Otto Bolln of Casper. Her death came following a major operation in a Los Angeles hospital. Mr. Bolln was with her.

Mrs. Bolln's health had not been good and she had been spending the winter in southern California, with her little daughter, Betty Ann. the serious nature of her ailment was not known until after consultation with a Los Angeles specialist, who advised an immediate operation. This was done last Thursday and the result seemed to be favorable, but she later suffered a relapse. Mr. Bolln was notified of the change in her condition and left immediately for the coast, taking a plane from Cheyenne. Mr. and Mrs. W.H.Bolln, who were visiting on the coast, were also with Mrs. Otto Bolln.

Mr. Bolln, with his daughter, is leaving Los Angeles tonight with the body of his wife. He will arrive here Saturday. Funeral services will be held at Christ Episcopal church next Sunday afternoon, according to present plans.

Bess Willox was born in Iowa, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Willox. She came to Wyoming as a child and most of her life has been spent in this county, although for the last twelve years she lived at Casper. She was a graduate of the Douglas high school. In 1905 she was married to Otto Bolln. Besides her husband two children survive, George, resident of Milwaukee, and Betty Ann. She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Albert Burns, Mrs. Luther Freeman and Mrs. E.A. Bancker of Jackson, Mich., and a brother, James Willox of this county.

Mrs. Bolln's death brings sorrow to many people. She was a most lovable woman, who radiated sunshine and cheerfulness. She made many friends and kept them and her untimely passing makes a vacancy that will not be filled.

Funeral of Mrs. Otto Bolln Held


Douglas Budget - June 20, 1935

Funeral services for Mrs. Otto Bolln were held Sunday afternoon at Christ Episcopal church, Rector Ward officiating. The church was filled with sorrowing friends of Mrs. Bolln. Pallbearers were Senator R.D. Carey, H.P.Allen, A.C. Rice, Monte Robertson and Robert Ogden of Casper and John Amspoker of Glenrock.

George Bolln of Milwaukee, son of the deceased, and Mrs. E.A. Bancker of Jackson, Mich., a sister, were present at the services.

Many Casper friends attended. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Tom spears, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cotton, Dr. and Mrs. W.C. McDermott, Miss Margaret Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Colley, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Ogden,, Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Fidel, Mrs. R.E. Evens, Mrs. Louise Keefe, Mrs. Alta Barnes and daughters, Messrs, Otis Walker, George Campbell, Walter McGreagor, Walter Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Greenburg and Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Erwin were here from Cheyenne.


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