Blaney, William (Unknown - February 26, 1921)

Engineer Blaney Instantly Killed

Douglas Budget - March 3, 1921

William Blaney, 40 years old, an engineer at the municipal light plant at Glenrock, was instantly killed at 1:15 o'clock Saturday morning when he stumbled and fell into the fly wheel of one of the engines. The accident occurred just as the third shift was reporting for duty, Irby Lam, third shift engineer, was the only man to see the tragedy.

According to Lam, Blaney was walking along side the engine, toward him. As he drew opposite the engine he stumbled and fell head first into the wheel. A bolt on the governor struck the man on the head throwing him further into the spokes. The body was badly mangled before the machine could be stopped.

Blaney had evidently become dizzy and was unable to get away from the engine before he fell.

His wife, and a 15-year-old daughter, Mary, survive him. He was well known in Glenrock and had many friends. Before moving to Glenrock he formerly lived at Guernsey.

Blaney carried no insurance but his case may come under the provisions of the compensation act.


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