Brow, Doris (Waldo) (May 5, 1913 - July 23, 2005)

Doris Brow

Douglas Budget - October 26, 2005

Longtime Alaskan resident Doris Brow, 92, died July 23, 2005, at the Anchorage Pioneers' Home.

A small family memorial service was held near her favorite fishing hole on the Kenai River a week after her death.

Mrs. Brow was born May 5, 1913, in Cedar Bluffs, Kan. After nearly 40 years in Kansas and Wyoming, she drove the Alaska Highway to Anchorage with her family in 1952 and settled in south Anchorage, embracing the territorial lifestyle of hunting, fishing, gardening and exploring. After retiring from the Anchorage School District, she continued to work at Denali Elementary School via the Foster Grandparent Program.

Her family wrote, "Doris will be remembered for her unflagging devotion to her family, her church and many worthy charitable causes, most notably those benefiting disadvantaged children. She was a woman of tremendous energy, faith, generosity and determined optimism - a de facto 'mom' to dozens, if not hundreds.

After her death, the following quotation was found among her papers, author unknown:"We develop a distance from death, an insulation from the realities of death. Death comes to all of us, of course, but we are never prepared for it to come early, I've always intended to live until I could no longer rock my chair!"

Mrs. Brow was preceded in death by daughter Kay Carson; son Jack Brow; grandchildren Daniel Audette and Marjorie Waldo; and siblings Ben McCartney, Gladys Richardson and Francis Bruegman.

She is survived by her siblings, Byron and James McCartney and Relma Kirschke;children Ben Waldo, Willard "Bill" Waldo, Cecelia Green, Sam Brow and Karla Gillespie; grandchildren Lana Brow Anderson, Benjamin Waldo, Kenny Waldo, Brad DeBellis, Judie DeBelles Crawford, Charity Green-Burril, Brook Green, Joshua Brow, Eva Brow, Samantha Brow, Joseph Beches, William Gillespie and Colin Gillespie; numerous great and great-great-grandchildren; and faithful friends.

Arrangements were made by Cook Inlet Funeral Home and Crematory.


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