Brahms, Lawrence Henry (Unknown - July 22, 1929)


No Reason Known for Suicide of Lawrence Brahms

Douglas Budget - July 25, 1929

Lawrence Henry Brahms, 19 years old, son of Mrs. Louise Brahms of near Jireh, ended his life last Monday afternoon, July 22, at about 3 o'clock, by using a 12-gauge shotgun.

No motive for the rash act of the young man has been ascribed, and it is believed he committed the act while in a fit of despondency.

Several other boys, including the Brahms boy, had planned to go in swimming Monday afternoon, but when the time came to go, Lawrence said he did not want to go. The other boys went anyway, leaving him at home. When they returned they did not find him and at once instituted a search. After searching for some time the body was found near one of the outbuildings and he had apparently been dead for some time. He had placed the 12-gauge shotgun against his temple and pulled the trigger with a stick, the charge tearing away almost all the top of his head.


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