Braae, M.A. (Unknown - November 10, 1915)


Bridge Falls Under Heavy Load and Fatalities is the Result M.A. Braae and Melvin Braae Crushed Under Traction Engine

Douglas Budget - November 11, 1915

M.A. Braae was killed and his son, Melvin Braae, received injuries from which he died a few hours later when the traction engine which they were driving went through a bridge near the Pexton ranch on the LaBonte, about twenty-five miles from Douglas, at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The elder Braae was killed instantly, the huge wheel of the engine pinning him to the ground, he evidently attempting to jump clear when the engine went down, failing in the attempt. The boy's injuries were such that there was no hope for him, but he was rushed to the Douglas hospital, living about an hour after his arrival there.

The Braaes had finished the season's work with the separator and, with Mr. Spracklen, one of the owners, were enroute to the Foxton ranch to store the machine for the winter. Spracklen was driving the water wagon in the rear, while the Braaes were on he engine. The bridge, which was over a deep, dry gulch, was in bad condition; Mr. Spracklen rushed to the aid of the men but was unable to extricate M.A. Braae. The boy was taken out of the wreck and tenderly wrapped to await the arrival of the physician.

Dr. Cantril and Coroner Hofmann were called to care for the injured and the dead. In order to extricate the father it was necessary to dig a trench underneath the body, as it was impossible to lift the heavy tractor off the body. The boy was placed in an automobile, but his terrible injuries caused doubt that he would live until the hospital was reached. He died an hour after his arrival. He was about 18 years of age.

Coroner Hofmann empannelled a jury consisting of C.F. de Lannoy, Henry H. Foxton and George Ullman, which rendered a verdict that M.A. Braae "came to his death by the giving away of a county bridge, the same being in very bad condition for heavy traffic."

M.A. Braae was about 55 years of age. He was an old resident of Wyoming, first coming to the state thirty years ago. He later went to Oregon, returning here about sixteen year ago. He was a native of Denmark, though his father was a Scotchman, coming to this country when a child. He is survived by a wife, two married daughters and four small children.


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