Blaine, George Washington (August 22, 1854 - October 8, 1912)

Three Sudden Deaths

George W. Blain

Bill Barlows Budget - October 10, 1912

George W. Blain was stricken down with heart failure Tuesday evening at a ranch about thirty-five miles north of Lusk. Mr. Blain had been home on a short business trip and left Monday for Lusk, leaving there the next morning with his team for a trip overland to his ranch which is located at Spencer.

He stopped at the Peterson ranch to stay all night and shortly after entering the house was called to the great beyond. The ranch lady was all alone at the time but as soon as possible word was sent to Lusk of Mr. Blain's decease.

The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at the residence, Rev. F.A. High, officiating. It is expected that his son, Luther, will arrive tomorrow on the noon train from Chicago, where he only went recently to enter a dental college. An obituary will be given next week.

Source: "Pages From Converse County's Past"; Wyoming Historical Press; Casper, WY 82602 1986

Name: George Washington Blaine


Bill Barlows Budget - October 17, 1912

Geo. W. Blaine was born Aug. 22, 1854 in Johnson county, Iowa, near Iowa City, the seat of the Iowa State University.

Here he grew to manhood. He attended the public schools and for two years he was a student at the University. He also spent some time as a public school teacher. At the age of twenty-three he left his native state and went to Kansas, where he settled on a claim. He remained on the farm for several years leaving it to assume the duties of County Superintendent of public schools to which he had recently been elected. After finishing his term as county superintendent, he came to Wyoming. This was eighteen years ago.

Since that time and until his death this has been his home.

On September 24, 1885 in Dallas County, Iowa, near Des Moines, Mr. Blaine was united in marriage to Miss Mary Ellen Rochelle.

To this union were born six children, Clarence, who died in infancy, Luther L., Mable R., Arthur W., Mary E., and Frances L.

At the age of seventeen while attending school in Iowa City, after being under deep conviction for sin for six years, as a result of the prayers and faith of a splendid christian mother, Mr. Blaine was converted to God and united with the Methodist Episcopal church of which he was a member at the time of his death.

The deceased was a loving husband, kind father, and true friend. He always stood for the right.

He was honest in all his business affairs. Clean and above reproach in his habits of life. At all times he was a gentleman.

Not only the stricken family and other relatives, but the many friends are saddened at what seems to human understanding an untimely death. But

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road,
And,'mid the brotherhood on high
To be at home with God.

It is not death to close
The eye long dimmed by tears.
And wake, in glorious repose
To spend eternal years.

It is not death to bear
The wrench that sets us free
From dungeon chain, to breathe the air
Of boundless liberty.

It is not death to fling
Aside this sinful dust.
And rise, on strong the just.

Jesus, thou Prince of life,
Thy chosen cannot die!
Like these, they conquer in the strife,
To reign with thee on high.


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