Bolln, Margaret (Beckman) (Unknown - September 10, 1928)

Mother of W.H. Bolln Dies in


Douglas Budget - September 13, 1928

Mrs. Margaret Beckman Bolln, mother of W.H. Bolln of Douglas and Otto Bolln of Casper, died in Washington, D.C., Monday, after an illness of several months. Mrs. Bolln suffered a stroke last May, at which time Mr. Bolln went to Washington to be with her. She rallied somewhat later, but the gain was but temporary. She was 73 years of age.

Mrs. Bolln was a native of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and came to this country with her parents when she was 13 years old. The family located in Omaha. There she married Henry Bolln and that city was her home until the death of her husband a number of years ago, when she moved to Washington. She had visited her sons in Douglas and many friends here regret her passing.

Besides her sons she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Elsie Gordon of Los Angeles and Miss Alma Bolln of Washington. Burial was in Washington.


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