Chambers, Laura Gertrude (Moffett) (Unknown - May 4, 1978)

Former librarian passes away

Douglas Budget - May 8, 1978

Former resident and librarian Laura Chambers, passed away May 4 in San Diego, California. Mrs. Chambers was librarian from May 4, 1935 to June 1966 at the Carnegie Library of Douglas and Converse County. She will long be remembered for her untiring efforts in acquiring as much published material as was available on Wyoming history.

When she retired after 31 years of service, the books and other publications represented years of her work and collecting. It is a very fine collection and considered one of the best Western Americana Collections in the United States. The Western Americana Alcove in the present library was set apart from the main library in her honor.

Many of the visitors to be library during her employment will remember her willingness to assist them in search of materials and information. During her tenure 34,808 books passed through her hands. Besides, she was a great lover of fine music and recorded plays.

According to an article done in the "Budget" at the time of her retirement, she had described her work at this library "as a happy lifetime of work". Upon her retirement several organizations honored her, and also a well attended public tea was held in her honor. She definitely left her contributions in life for all people to enjoy at our public library.

She is survived by one daughter, Christine Baldwin of San Diego.


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