Brady, Joseph (Unknown - December 25, 1936)


Funeral Services for Victim of Car Accident

Douglas Budget - January 2, 1936

Funeral services for Joseph Brady, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Brady, were held at the Baptist church Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J.M. Falconer. Burial was in Douglas cemetery.

It is thought that overcrowding the car had been a contributing factor in the accident that caused the child's death Christmas night on the highway near Casper. Investigations by Louis Cooper, state highway patrolman, revealed that 10 persons were riding on the roadster which left the road and overturned when the driver lost control.

The machine cut into the crusted snow which hampered Brady's efforts to keep it on the road, and went over the lip of a high bank on the East Yellowstone highway, opposite the Kimball ranch.

The child died later of internal injuries. Improvement in the condition of both Mr. and Mrs. Brady and of Mrs. Frances Jaggers is reported. Brady suffered a back injury, Mrs. Brady suffered contusions and lacerations, and Mrs. Jaggers a fractured left arm and contusions of her back.

Other occupants of the machine were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brady of Douglas, Russell Ashmead and Ed Todd, both of Douglas; Delbert Jaggers of Glenrock, husband of the injured woman, and Merrell Fowler of Glenrock, Cooper reported.

He also learned, he related , that five of the 10 persons were inside the roadster, including the child who was fatally injured, and the others riding on the back and sides of the machine.

The accident occurred when the boiling contents of the radiator suddenly erupted, blowing off the radiator cap and drenching the windshield, already frosted over and affording the driver only limited visibility, Cooper said he had learned from occupants of the car.

The authorities ask that the attention of the motoring public be brought to the dangers of over-crowding automobiles, pointing to an accident such as this as evidence of how easily tragedy may result when a driver loses control.


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