Boyce, John (Unknown - June 17, 1893)

Bill Barlows Budget - June 21, 1893

Sheriff Virden received a telegram this morning from Deputy Tom Bird, reporting that John Boyce, of Glenrock is supposed to have been drowned near Wolcott station, Saturday night. No particulars.

Bill Barlows Budget - June 28, 1893

An item in our last issue announced the death by drowning of John Boyce, of Glenrock, in the Platte near Wolcott station. He was returning home from a visit to Henry's ranch; attempted to cross the river in a boat, and has not been seen since. He was known to have had from $200 to $300 on his person at that time, and many think that he was waylaid, murdered and robbed. The body-if it is ever found-will doubtless show whether or no he came to his death by foul means.

Bill Barlows Budget - July 19, 1893

Information has reached Glenrock that the body of the old man Boyce, who was drowned near Wolcott station several weeks ago, was found on a sandbar near North Platte, Nebraska, and buried there.

Bill Barlows Budget - September 6, 1893

About the 17th of last June John Boyce, of Glenrock, disappeared and from the circumstances attending his disappearance it was believed that he had been drowned while crossing the Platte river in a boat, near Inez. On Monday Mr. Metz, while hunting ducks in that vicinity, came upon the body of a man buried in the sand on a bar, and investigation developed the fact that it was all that remained of the missing Boyce. Sheriff Virden and Coroner Louger went up and took charge of the remains, which were buried on the river bank. Papers were found in his pockets fully identifying him.


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