Burnett, Perry (Unknown - August 4, 1937)


Perry Burnett Loses Life When He Runs in Front of Auto; Driver Not at Fault

Douglas Enterprise - August 10, 1937

Wyoming's first highway fatality for August was recorded Wednesday shortly after noon 2 miles west of Douglas.

Perry Burnett, about 72, of Nenzel, Neb., was killed when he ran in the path of a car driven by Roy L. Crowder of Wheatland.

Crowder was driving west when the accident accurred (occurred). Burnett, his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Liggett and Glen May, all of Nenzel, had stopped near a bridge for lunch. Crowder, a driver who averages about 50 miles per hour, had released his foot from the gas accelerator upon noticing the man on the bridge.

Apparently excited, or for some unknown reason, Burnett started to run across the road directly in the path of the car as Crowder was only a few feet from him.

The Wheatland man was going about 40 miles per hour. The elderly man jumped and was caught on the front of the car and carried about 25 feet. Both legs were broken but no other injuries were revealed on examination of the body. It is believed Burnett died of shock.

B.V. Braae of Billings, Mont., and Charles E. Smith of Lander, witnessed the accident as they approached from the west, and both absolved the driver of any blame. A coroner's jury found the accident unavoidable and did not hold the car driver responsible. Sheriff W.R. Silver investigated the accident and from the evidence said the Wheatland man was not at fault.

This is the second highway fatality west of Douglas in less than a week. Burell Reece of Denver was killed July 31 about 11 miles west of town.

Burnett's body was shipped to Cody, Neb., for burial.


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