Carey, Joseph Maull (Son of Robert D.) (Unknown - August 9, 1958)

Joe M. Carey, Dies of Heart


Unknown - August 21, 1958

Funeral services were held in Cheyenne, Wednesday, August
for Joe Carey, 43, outstanding Wyoming citizen and son of Mr. Robert D. Carey and the late Robert D. Carey, who died suddenly August 9 of a heart attack while visiting in Sheridan.

Joseph Maull Carey, who was born in Douglas in 1915, was the son of the first native born governor of Wyoming who later served his state as United States Senator. His grandfather, J. M. Carey, also served as governor and senator when Wyoming was first admitted to statehood.

As a child, Mr. Carey made his home at the famous Careyhurst ranch west of Douglas. He attended country school at the ranch and later graduated from Andover school and Yale University.

during World War II, he served with distinction with the navy aerial intelligence service in the South Pacific theatre of war. He was separated from service with the rank of lieutenant commander.

Survivors include his wife Jena; his mother; a son, Robert Davis Carey, who is a student at Yale University, and a cousin Joseph M. Carey II, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Otto Bolln, life-long friend, was one of the pallbearers at the funeral.


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