Cook, Douglas Wilson (March 4, 1918 - July 14, 1944)

Lt. Doug Cook Killed In Airplane

Accident Body in Charge of Air Forces To Be Brought Here For Burial - No Details

Unknown - July 20, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Cook received word Tuesday morning from the officer in command of Barksdale Field near Shreveport, La., that their son, 2nd Lt. Douglas W. Cook, had passed away at the station hospital at 9:00 o'clock Monday night from injuries sustained in an airplane accident.

No particulars of the nature of the accident were given in the message, which stated that further word would follow when funeral arrangements were completed. No further word has been received from the field.

Mrs. Cook and their 3-months-old son, Warren Douglas, who have been with Lt. Cook the past several months expect to arrive in Douglas this evening. They are motoring back in the family car, being accompanied by her brother, Pfc. Leonard Bartshe, who was detailed by his commanding officer at Foster Field, Tex., about 400 miles to the southwest of Shreveport, to proceed to Barksdale Field and escort his sister and son to Douglas.

It is assumed that the remains of Lt. Cook, in charge of the Army Air Force, will not arrive before the end of the week and consequently funeral services and burial arrangements have not been made.

Lt. Cook was on the last few days of his final training as a bombardier-navigator of a B-26 Maurader medium bomber. He was in hopes of being allowed sufficient travel time from his final training as a bombardier-navigator of a B-26 Maurader medium bomber. He was in hopes of being allowed sufficient travel time from his field to an overseas embarkation point to bring his family to Douglas later this week.

Douglas Wilson Cook was born in Douglas on March 4, 1913. He attended the Douglas grade schools and graduated from the high school here in 1936. Following graduation he entered the employ of the Mt. States Power Co. and was cashier in the local office until April of 1943, when he was accepted in the army air forces as a cadet.

He received his basic training at Sheppard Field, Tex., and his academic training at Galesburg, Ill. His pre-flight training was given at Ellington Field, near Houston, Tex., and his bombardier and navigator training at Childress, Tex. He earned his wings and received his commission at Childress late last April and was home on a ten-day furlough at which time he first met his young son, then about 10 days old. From here he was transferred to Barksdale Field for the final polishing-off before leaving for overseas duty. Mrs. Cook and the baby joined him a few weeks after his departure from Douglas and their home life there the past several months had been extremely happy.

Lt. Cook was wed to Miss Ruth Bartshe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bartshe of Boxelder, at Douglas, on Sunday, April 6, 1941.

Aside from his wife, son and parents he is survived by two brothers, Lt. R. Kenneth Cook, now a prisoner of war in Germany, and Donald D. Cook, RM 2/e, with the Atlantic fleet in the European sector, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Wilson of Douglas.


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