Collier, James W. (Unknown - April 19, 1937)


INJURIES James Collier Receives Broken Neck in Wreck

Douglas Budget - April 22, 1937

James W. Collier, aged 34 years, of Los Angeles, died early Monday morning at the Douglas hospital from injuries received Friday afternoon, when the car in which he was riding went into the ditch on the highway about five miles south of Glendo. His neck was broken.

Mrs. Collier was driving and, striking an icy spot in the road, the car went out of control and into the ditch. She says they were traveling at a moderate speed, but a storm was raging at the time, making driving hazardous. Mrs. Collier was painfully bruised. The Cheyenne bus came along shortly after the accident and brought the injured to the hospital here.

Collier, who is a native of Missouri, had lived in Los Angeles for the last twenty years. He was a mill worker and was enroute to Bozeman, Mont., where a position awaited him.

A brother of Mrs. Collier, with his wife, arrived from Kansas City Tuesday. The body was taken Wednesday to Denver, where it was cremated.


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