Clayton, William (Unknown - December 31, 1914)

William Clayton Is Dead

Makes Game Battle For life, But Is Unable to Rally From Effect of Night of Terrible Exposure

Bill Barlows Budget - December 31, 1914

Wm. Clayton died at the Douglas hospital last night. Amputation of both feet was made Monday in an effort to save his life, and yesterday the fingers of both hands were removed, but his system was so weakened by the exposure and freezing that he was unable to rally. He gradually sank, until the end came at an early hour this morning.

Clayton lost his way when returning from Glenrock to his home one night about two weeks ago. The temperature was 20 degrees below zero and when found the next day he was so badly frozen that recovery seemed impossible. He made a game fight for life, however, and it was thought that he had a chance. The operations were performed as a last resort, but his vitality was not equal to the demand upon it.

The body was taken to Glenrock today and the funeral will be held from the home tomorrow.

Clayton is survived by a wife and several children, all of whom are grown.


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