Cooper, Andrew (August 3, 1830 - March 23, 1920)

Pioneer Citizen Answers the Call

Douglas Budget - March 25, 1920

Having almost reached the age of four score and ten, Andrew Cooper, pioneer citizen of this county, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Willox, on LaBonte, at 9:30 Tuesday morning. His final illness was brief, caused chiefly by his advancing years and the burden of old age. Until recently he was able to read and was always a student of the world's affairs, in which he took a great interest, and the failing of his eyesight was very hard upon him. The last few months his health gradually failed until the end came Tuesday morning.

Andrew Cooper was born at Salmon Falls, Mass., August 13, 1830. His childhood and young manhood was spent in the New England states. There he was married in 1853 to Miss Esther Andrews. In 1864 the young couple came to Iowa, being pioneers in that state, where they lived for twenty years. In 1884 they again became pioneers, coming to Wyoming and locating first at Esterbrook. Later they moved to the LaBonte to the ranch which was their home until the death of Mrs. Cooper four years ago, since which time Mr. Cooper has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Willox.

Three daughters survive him. They are Mrs. James Willox of LaBonte, Mrs. James Brockway and Mrs. Alex Brockway of Brockway, Mont. A son, Lyman B. Cooper, long a prominent citizen of this county, a member of the legislature, of which he was elected speaker, died six years ago. His descendants include fourteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Among his grandchildren are Mrs. H.B. Southwick of Douglas, Mrs. Otto Bolln of Springhill, Mrs. Luther Freeman of LaBonte, Mrs. Elsie W. Cark of Jackson, Mich., and James C. Willox.

During his long residence in this county Mr. Cooper builded built for himself a reputation for integrity that is his best epitaph. A good neighbor, a kind and loving husband, a public spirited citizen, he earned and retained the esteem and friendship of all who knew him and leaves behind him the memory of a well spent life.

Funeral services will be held this afternoon at the Congregational church, Rev. W.H.L. Marshall officiating. The pallbearers are J.Jeff Scott, Matt Carothers, Fred George, John Marsden, T.G. Bruner and George Powell. Burial will be in Douglas cemetery.


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