Corman, John A. (Unknown - October 31, 1929)


Mrs. John A. Corman is Victim of Auto Wreck

Douglas Budget - October 31, 1929

Mrs. John A. Corman of Lusk died shortly after noon today at the Douglas hospital from injuries received when the car in which she was riding was wrecked at the Reliance corner, six miles west of Douglas. She had been very badly injured, her jaw being crushed and she having received other injuries, but up to yesterday her recovery was anticipated. Last night, she had a turn for the worse and sank rapidly until the end came at noon.

The accident occurred early Saturday morning as Mrs. Corman, with her husband, Dr. Corman and their 4-year-old son, and Mr. and Mrs. Norris Hartwell and their son, Norris, all of Lusk were returning from Casper, where they had been in attendance at the Passion Play. Dr. Corman, who was driving, failed to note the right-angle turn and the car, traveling fast, went off the road and into the bank at the side. The car remained upright, but the terrific impact maimed and bruised the occupants. Mrs. Hartwell received a serious cut on the abdomen and another on the leg. Mr. Hartwell was badly cut and bruised about the face and head and the Hartwell boy received a fracture of the left leg near the hip. Dr. Corman escaped with a strained hip and his little son escaped any injury.

Fortunately help was soon available. Many Douglas people, returning from the Casper play, were soon on the scene and tender hands removed the injured from the wrecked car and took them to the Douglas hospital. As it happened Dr. Hylton was among the first to arrive and efficiently aided and directed the care of those who were hurt.

Dr. Corman and Mr. Hartwell were able to leave the hospital Wednesday and go to a hotel.


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