Cisneros, Pablo (June 30, 1927 - August 3, 1939)

Mexican Boy Lost in Platte

Douglas Budget - August 10, 1939

One more drowning was accredited to the North Platte river last Thursday afternoon. The river has been running very high for several weeks.

Pablo Cisneros, 13, a Mexican boy from Torrington was drowned while swimming in the river near the McKinley bridge several miles southeast of Orin.

The Mexicans were visiting with friends at the Wilson ranch and the younger members of the families went swimming. Pablo and his younger brother had been swimming near shore when their companions ventured out into deep water. They followed, but not being good swimmers, were soon overpowered by the swift current. Desperately the two attempted to regain shore. Their struggles arrested the attention of the larger boys who managed to rescue the younger brother. The other however was not rescued and soon vanished from their sight.

Boats were utilized to drag for the body but it has not been located yet. It is probable that it has been carried many miles down the river.


Body of Mexican Boy Found Sunday Lodged on Sandbar

Douglas Budget - August 17, 1939

The body of Pablo Cisneros, Mexican boy who was drowned in the Platte river near McKinley August 3, was discovered Sunday morning by Clay Shaw lodged on a sandbar near the Shaw ranch, approximately two miles below the spot where he had disappeared while swimming ten days before.

The body was removed from the river by Coroner C.H. Hofmann with the assistance of Leo Trenholm of Orin and Clem Hern, Ralph Larson and others. It was badly decomposed.

Funeral services for the 12-year-old Mexican boy were held Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Hofmann Chapel. Burial was in Douglas Park cemetery. The lad was born in Kansas June 30, 1927.


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