Culshaw, Beatrice (Unknown - February 22, 1937)

Beatrice Culshaw, Glenrock Girl,

Killed in Auto Accident Ellanora Cavanaugh In Serious Condition BOYS ARE SLIGHTLY HURT Accident Occurs at Junction of Boxelder Road With the Main Highway

Douglas Budget - February 25, 1937

Beatrice Culshaw, aged 17, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Culshaw of Glenrock, died at the Douglas hospital Monday morning from injuries received in an auto accident a few hours earlier. Her chest was crushed.

Ellanora Cavanaugh, aged 15 years, youngest of six in the John Cavanaugh family at Glenrock, is at the hospital in a serious condition. She has a fractured skull and is cut and bruised. She is reported this afternoon as being in a semi-conscious condition and hopes are held for her recovery.

Billie Tolle and Jimmie Cannon of Douglas, who were in the car, escaped with minor injuries. Tolle received cuts on his ankle and leg and on his right arm. Cannon received bruises on his chest and hip. Both boys were taken to the hospital for treatment, but were released early.

The accident occurred at the junction of the Boxelder road with the main highway, about 1 o'clock Monday morning. Tolle had driven the car up the Boxelder road, which is paved for about six miles. Getting on a dirt road, the car became stuck and it took some time to extricate. Cannon then drove the car back. He was unfamiliar with the road and when he struck the paved section he thought he was on the main highway. The car was traveling at high speed when it came to the intersection and Cannon was unable to negotiate the turn. The car plunged into a hole and catapulted clear across the highway, undoubtedly turning over several times in the air. The car is a complete wreck.

Joe Armand, a salesman for the Wyoming Grocery Company, was the first to appear and he drove to Glenrock and secured Floyd Fenex, and the injured brought to the Douglas hospital.

Coroner Hofmann empanelled a jury, composed of A.A. Johnson, W. Hewton Ward and Earl Copenhaver, who went to the scene of the wreck and interviewed the boys. The jury returned a verdict that called attention to the lack of protective signs at the intersection.

Beatrice Culshaw was a native of England, coming to this country with her parents in 1925. She was a junior in the Glenrock high school.

Funeral services were held at Glenrock Wednesday afternoon, conducted by John J. McIntyre. Burial was in the Glenrock cemetery.


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