Crary, Roscoe (Unknown - April 2, 1937)


For Many Years was Prominent Wyoming Sheepman

Douglas Budget - April 8, 1937

Roscoe Crary, for many years one of the prominent sheepman of Wyoming, died last Friday afternoon in his suite at the Congress hotel in Chicago. He was 70 years of age. He had been in ill health for a number of years and recently had gone to Chicago for medical treatment. He was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. LaVerne Crary Davidge of Pasadena, Calif. Funeral services were held Monday at Hancock, N.Y., the birthplace of Mr. Crary.

Crary came to Chicago in 1892 to serve as general sales manager in that territory of the United States Leather Company. He and his father had been pioneers in the leather business in the east and their interests were sold to the United States Leather Company. He served that company in Chicago until 1910, when he resigned to enter the sheep business in Wyoming.

Crary and his associates acquired the Mountain Home ranch at Parkerton and were owners of the Fiddleback Company, with holdings in the north part of Converse county. They owned about 75,000 acres of grazing land. A number of years ago Crary retired from the livestock business and the holdings of the company were sold. His retirement was due, it was said, to failing health.

Mr. Crary also had extensive lumber interests. With the late John J. Mitchell, Chicago banker, he helped to organize the Texaco Corporation. He was a close personal friend of Former President Grover Cleveland and his son, Richard.


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