Cross, Roland G. (Unknown - December 17, 1926)

Cross Killed When Engine


Douglas Budget - December 23, 1926

Roland G. Cross was instantly killed early Friday morning when the boiler of the Northwestern locomotive, of which he was watchman, exploded in the Glenrock yards. The engine was used in switching the oil cars in the Glenrock yard and the crew left it in its usual place when the switching work was done, shortly after midnight. Cross was at the depot about 4 o'clock and left for __________, saying that the water was
_________low. Soon after the explosion occurred.

The force of the explosion was terrific. The boiler was buried 150 feet, with its front end buried in the earth. All the windows in the Northwestern station were broken. The body of Cross was found about twenty-five feet away. He was breathing when picked up by the members of a freight crew that had just come into the yards, but died a few minutes later.

Coroner Hofmann empannelled a jury to determine the cause of the accident and a verdict was returned that the explosion was caused by "neglect."

Cross is survived by his mother and a sister, living in California, and two brothers who are in the employ of the Northwestern. The mother and sister came from California to attend the funeral.

Funeral services were held at the Hofmann Chapel Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. Horace Mann officiating. Cross was a veteran of the World War and his comrades of Samuel Mares Post of the American Legion acted as pallbearers. Burial was in Douglas cemetery.


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