Claussen, Henry ( ? Frank) (Unknown - July 8, 1919)



Douglas Budget - July 10, 1919

Frank Claussen, aged about 30 years, was drowned in the Platte River Tuesday evening. Claussen, who was an employee of the Morton ranch, had gone to the river in company with members of the haying crew on the ranch to bathe. With a fellow workman Claussen left the other members of the party to go down the river to inspect some fish lines that were in the river. The two men were wading the river, as they had previously done with safety, and encountered a hole that the swift current had washed out. Neither of the men could swim and Claussen was carried toward the center of the stream. His companion managed to scramble to the shore and immediately gave the alarm to the other members of the party. The men hurried to the rescue, but Claussen had disappeared. A horse was secured and driven down the river bank in an effort to effect a rescue further down and it is believed that the body of the drowning man was seen in the middle of the stream, but rescue was impossible.

Coroner Hofmann and Sheriff Messenger were notified and efforts were made to locate the body, without result. A man was stationed below on the river to watch the stream, but no sign of the body has been seen by him.

Claussen was a native of Germany and has been employed by various outfits in this section for a number of years. He was not married and nothing is known here as to his family.

Body of Claussen Found in River

Douglas Budget - July 17, 1919

The body of Henry Claussen, the employee of the Morton ranch who lost his life on the evening of July 8, was found last Saturday by parties near Irvine, having lodged on a riffle near that point. The body had traveled about twenty miles. Burial was made in the Douglas cemetery, no relatives of the dead man having been located.

Claussen, whose name was previously reported as Lawson, was a native of Germany and had been employed by numerous ranchmen this section.


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