Castor (Caster), Harold (Unknown - July 2, 1929)


Douglas Budget - July 14, 1929

H. Castor, aged 18 years, was drowned in the Platte river near McKinley Tuesday evening. He was an employee of the Platte Valley ranch and with other from the ranch was in swimming. His companions did not notice that he was in distress and did not know that he had been drowned until they missed him from the group. The body has not been recovered.

The family of the young man lives at Cassa. They boy was one of the graduates from the Glendo High School this year and is spoken of by those who knew him in the highest terms.

Body of Harold Caster Found

in the Platte

Douglas Budget - July 18, 1929

The body of Horald Caster, who was drowned in the Platte river at the Platte Valley ranch near McKinley on the evening of July 2, was found by his uncle, Dana Spaulding, early Sunday morning at Cassa, Wyo. The body was taken to Wheatland where the funeral was held at 7 o'clock Monday evening. Interment was made in the Wheatland cemetery.

The body was found about thirty miles from the place where the youth was drowned.


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