Colgan, Charles (Unknown - April 12, 1927)

Lance Creek Boy Dies As Result

Of Being Asphyxiated Last Week

Douglas Enterprise - April 12, 1927

Lance Creek, April 7 - Charles Colgan, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Colgan of Lance Creek oil camp was found dead by his mother at noon today, a victim of asphyxiation from a leak in a gas line while playing in the yard of the Colgan home.

It is believed that the boy while playing in the yard discovered the leak in the line by the hissing sound of escaping gas. A small hole had been dug down to the line preparatory to repairing the line, and it is supposed the youngster stuck his head down in the hole to investigate and was overcome by the fumes. He had thrust his head down into the hole up to the shoulders, thus cutting off the air.

When the mother found him he had apparently been dead for some time and all efforts to revive him were futile.

Mr. Colgan is an employee of the carbon black plant at Lance Creek. The boy is survived by his parents and an older brother.


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