Church, Myron Robert 'Red' (November 15, 1903 - July 11, 1931)

Fatal Auto Mishap


Douglas Enterprise - July 14, 1931

Myron Robert (Red) Church, 27, for several years a ditch rider for the Douglas Water Users' association in the LaPrele irrigation district was instantly killed and his companion, Tom Curtin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Curtin residing west of town, suffered painful bruises in an automobile accident occurring two miles north of the Fiddleback ranch on the Dry Creek road about 8:30 Saturday evening.

Church, accompanied by Curtin, had started for the Cheyenne river ranch of the Fiddleback company, it seems, to return a car wheel borrowed a week ago from Francis Roush. In driving a particularly sharp turn Church, who was at the wheel of the car owned by him, lost control and was thrown through the top, his head being crushed in the wreckage. Curtin escaped with but minor injuries.

Myron Robert Church was born at Green Bay, Wis., November 15, 1903. From Milwaukee, he came to Wyoming about nine years ago and here secured employment of Jacob Jenne, with whom he remained several years. Later he became a rider for the ditch company and for a time had charge of the LaPrele dam gates. For the past two years, or more, he has again been employed by that company, making his home near the dam. During his residence he became very well known to many in the community and was universally respected for his mild manner and pleasing personality. He is survived by a sister and brother residing in Milwaukee and a brother and sister in Cedar Rapids, Ia. The sister, Mrs. Victor E. Halquist and her husband, who were enroute to Douglas for a visit to Mr. Church when notified, at Denver, Colo., of the tragedy, arrived here Monday, their proposed surprise visit and the happy reunion of brother and sister, as she had anticipated it, turned to one of deepest sorrow.

Funeral services are to be held this (Tuesday) afternoon at the Methodist church with Rev. Clayton S. Judy delivering the sermon. The Odd Fellows lodge is to be in charge of the burial ceremony, the remains being laid to their final rest in the Jenne plot in the Douglas cemetery because of the long friendship existing between Mr. and Mrs. Jenne and their family and the deceased.

A strange coincident found in the accident is that it was in the same automobile and within a very short distance of the same spot in the road that three Douglas girls, a week ago to the day, experienced a mishap, all escaping without injury save one who suffered a broken arm.


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