Campbell, Bill (Unknown - March 8, 1934)


FROM TRUCK Rear Wheel of Heavy Machine Passes Over Body and Causes Death

Douglas Enterprise - March 13, 1934

Bill Campbell, 41 years old, was fatally injured at 1:30 Thursday afternoon when the rear wheel of a heavy truck passed over his body and crushed him severely.

The truck belonged to the A.H. Read Construction Co., and was driven by D.R. Nance. He was coming to Douglas to get a stone-crusher used on some work here, and ten miles this side of Cheyenne the driver was hailed by Campbell. Nance stopped the truck and picked up the walker, who was a stranger to him.

A few miles south of Orin a terrific wind came up and, catching the large box body of the truck with full force, blew the rear end of the truck toward the ditch. The driver slowed down to regain control of the vehicle, and as he did so Campbell started up.

Nance shouted at him not to jump, but Campbell leaped from the cab. As he jumped his foot caught and the force of his jump hurled him to the road, and the wheel passed over the center of his body.

Nance's brother was following in a passenger car, and they rushed Campbell to the Douglas Hospital, but he died at 10 o'clock that night.

Campbell was said by some persons to have worked near Douglas several times in the last few months, and was believed by many to be an ex-service man. However, no identification marks were found except a passbook on a Casper bank.

He is said to have been a top ranch-hand, but was very excitable, and when he was in a wagon and anything happened would jump invariably. Those who were acquainted with him believed this was due to shell-shock. Campbell said he heard the driver warn him not to jump, but added that he could not help it.

He left no parents or relatives. Burial was to be today at Douglas. Legion men are investigating possibility of his having a service record.


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