Daniels, Leslie Bernard (October 13, 1901 - May 3, 1984)

Leslie B. Daniels dies in

Douglas May 3

Douglas Budget - May 3, 1984

Leslie Bernard Daniels, born October 13, 1901, in Douglas, Wyoming, died May 3, 1984 at his home in Douglas.

Dr. Daniels received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees at the Colorado Agricultural College, now Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 1924, Leslie married Anne Whipp and they moved to Fort Collins to further their professional careers with two moves to St. Paul, Minneapolis where Leslie earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

Leslie was Professor and head of Entomology Department at Fort Collins until his retirement over 14 years ago. At the same time he served as Chief Entomologist for the State of Colorado Experimental Station. Dedicated to work on the spread of plant virus by insects, Leslie worked extensively with fruit growers of western Colorado and the root crop farmers, especially potatoes, on the eastern slope. Leslie helped to develop a spray which was quite effective for potatoes.

In 1970, Leslie and Anne moved back home to live on the family homestead near Douglas. In Douglas, Leslie was a member of the Congregational Church since 1911 and was also active in the Retired Teachers Association.

A Man of Faith-Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend.

Les's special sense of the reverence and wholeness of life has given many of us a fuller depth of hope and faith.

History, our heritage, meant much to Leslie, and to share the heritage was his life.

The Wisdom of the Universe is more clear because Leslie lived with it and shared it with us.

We want to say, "Thank you Leslie for sharing your life with us."

The Family celebrated the life of Leslie Bernard Daniels in Private Memorial following Cremation.

Memorial gifts may be given directly to the Wyoming State Pioneer Museum in Douglas.


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