Braae, Andres Jenson (May 7, 1840 - October 13, 1935)

Andres Braae, Near Centennarian,


Douglas Budget - October 17, 1935

Andres Braae, who is thought to have been nearly 100 years of age, died Sunday evening, following a long period of ill health.

Andres Braae was born in Denmark nearly one hundred years ago. There is no definite record remaining concerning his birth. He came to America in 1880 and made his home in Omaha, Neb., where a brother-in-law was living.

Previous to coming to America five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Braae and two other children were born after the family came to Omaha. Mrs. Braae died in 1918 and Mr. Braae came to Douglas in 1920, where he engaged in the lumber business, operating a saw mill in the mountains south of town. Mr. Braae was well known in this locality and had a large number of friends.

The sons are of the opinion that Mr. Braae was more than one hundred years of age. A grand-daughter, Mrs. Robert Eddy, recalls an old record, now missing which might indicate that Andres Braae was born May 7, 1840, which would make him 96 years old. At least he was well beyond the alloted three-score years and ten.

Mr. Braae is survived by four sons, Anthon Braae and Stephen Braae of Braae, (sic) John Braae of San Francisco, and Nelson Braae of Missoula, Mont., also one daughter, Mrs. Mary Sammons, of Douglas. He is also survived by a number of grand children and great-grand children and one great-great-grand child.

Funeral services were held at the Hofmann Chapel Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock, Rev. Homer C. Crisman being the officiating minister. Anthon Braae accompanied the body to Omaha, where burial was made by the side of Mrs. Braae.


Douglas Budget - October 24, 1935

Anders Jenson Braae was born in Horsens, Denmark, on May 7, 1840 and died on Sunday evening, October 13, 1935, at the age of 95 years, 5 months and 6 days.

He was united in marriage to Anna Margaret Nelson on November 2, 1866. Five children, John, Nels, Andrew, Anthon and Stephen, were born to this union before the family emigrated to America in 1880. They had also adopted a boy, Charles Jacobsen, before coming to America. They made their home in Omaha, Neb., and their young son, Stephen, died there. Two more children were born in Nebraska, Steven and Mary.

Andrew Braae preceded him in death on November 12, 1914, when a bridge gave way near the Foxton ranch, south of Douglas, pinning him beneath his tractor, which was used to pull a threshing machine.

He is survived by four sons, John of San Francisco, Calif.,; Nels of Missoula, Mont.; Anthon and Steven of Braae, Wyo.; one daughter, Mrs. Mary Sammons of Douglas; a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren and one great great grandchild; a brotherinlaw, Paul Nelson, of Calhoun, Neb., and several nephews and nieces.

For a number of years the family resided on a homestead in Banner county, Neb., from which place they moved to Wyoming. Mr. Braae was a prominent rancher near Chugwater for years, later retiring and moving back to Nebraska.

In 1916 Mr. and Mrs. Braae celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at Washington Hall in Omaha. John and Steven were the only ones of his children present for the occasion.

His wife passed away in November, 1918, at their home in Avery, Neb.

In 1920 he came to this community and made his home with his son, Steven, south of Douglas, until falling health made it necessary for him to make his home with Mrs. Cora Fiddyment about three years ago.

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning, October 15, at the Hofmann Chapel, with the Rev. Homer C. Crisman officiating, and hymns by Mrs. Charles Clark and Mrs. John Slonaker. Anthon Braae accompanied the body to Omaha for burial besides Mrs. Braae.


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