Circulation Policies

Library Cards

Each person must have a library card -- no family cards are issued. Minors (under 18 yrs.) must have a parent or guardian's signature. Signatures on library application cards signify agreement to follow borrower's rules and responsibilities. Each person will be issued an ID card, WHICH MUST BE PRESENTED AT CHECKOUT. There is a $2.00 fee for each replacement ID card. A picture ID and proof of residency is required before an ID card can be issued. A current utility bill, application for service, a lease or deed is required as proof.

Educators may be eligible for special privileges. For more information, ask at the circulation desk.

Loan Periods

Books, Audiobooks, & CDs - 3 weeks

Periodicals, DVDs, & Playaway Views - 1 week

Items may be renewed twice over the telephone or in person as long as they are not on reserve for someone else. Items will not be renewed over the answering machine.

Checkout Limits

A patron may have up to 30 items of any combination charged to their account (limit of 8 DVDs and limit of 2 Playaway Views).

Books, Audiobooks, & CDs

Limit 30 per card; 3-week checkout; 2 renewals at 3 weeks. Fine for late returns is $.10 per day per item up to $5.00 per item.

Read-and-Return Program

Paperback books WITHOUT barcodes are available on an exchange basis with unlimited checkout, no due dates or fines. If possible, patrons are asked to return same number as taken and of like quality and content. This service available at the main library. Glenrock Branch Library paperback books follow the Book policy above.


2-week checkout; 2 renewals at 2 week; fine for late returns is $.10 per day per item up to $5.00 per item.

Playaway Views

Limit 2 per account; 2-week checkout; 2 renewals at 2-weeks; fines for late returns at $.50 per day per item to $5.00. Playaway Views may be returned in the book drop.


Limit 8 per account, 2-week checkout; 2 renewals at 2-weeks, fines for late returns at $.50 per day per item to $5.00. DVD's may be returned in the book drop.

Reference Books

Reference items are not checked out.

In-House Equipment

Equipment available for patron use include computers, laptops (adult use only), microfiche and microfilm reader/printer, fax machine, and photocopiers. There is no charge for use, but there are fees for consumable materials. TELEFAX AND PHOTOCOPIER services are available for nominal fees.


Holds may be made for materials currently checked out. HOLDS WILL BE MADE ONLY AT PATRON REQUEST. Patrons will be notified of the material's availability and items will be held for 2 weeks.

Interlibrary Loan

Requests for materials not owned by our library will be taken for a $3.00 fee per item, payable at the time of checking out the received item. Loan period is dependent upon lending library. Fine for late return is $.10 PER DAY PER ITEM up to the cost of the item, as well as any fee assessed by the lending library.

Children's Programs

Times and dates for storytime and summer reading programs will be available at the library and on the News & Events section of this Website. Details can be obtained from the librarians.

Book Drop

Outdoor book drops are available for returns during closed hours. At the Glenrock Library, it is located near the main entrance and at the Douglas Library the book drop is on the west side of the building.

Overdue Materials

Fines are assessed for late returns IT IS THE BORROWER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO BE AWARE OF MATERIAL DUE DATES. Limited attempts to notify patron of late materials will be made by library staff. Patrons having overdue materials and/or fines amounting to more than $2.00 are not allowed further checkout until materials are returned and fines paid. In addition, accounts with long overdue materials not returned within 60 calendar days will be turned over to Unique Management Services, a collection agency. These accounts will also have a $10 referral fee added.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Replacement value is charged for lost or damaged materials plus a $10.00 handling fee per item. Patrons are denied further checkout privileges until lost item is returned or replacement fee is paid. No reimbursement will be given for recovered items after they have been replaced.

Gifts to the Library

Gifts to the library are welcome and appreciated. All gifts become property of the library and conform to the same criteria as purchased materials.

Note to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians:

At our libraries, you can be assured that your children and teenagers will receive the same high quality, courteous service we extend to all library users.

It is our philosophy that everyone is entitled to free, open and equal access to our extensive collection of materials and services, including books, magazines, music and movies in a variety of digital and physical formats. In addition, Internet, reference, reader's advisory and interlibrary loan services as well as online resources are available to all our library users. We're very proud of the service we provide our communities.

As parents, you recognize the importance of taking an active role in shaping your children and helping them make the most enjoyable, valuable use of the time they spend at the library.

Here are some considerations as your child embarks on a lifelong journey of library use:

Talk with your child about the kinds of materials you think are suitable for him or her to borrow. In order to meet the needs of a diverse population, the public library contains a variety of books and information in other formats. The content of some of these resources may offend you, and while library employees are eager to offer suggestions, only you and your child can decide what is appropriate for your checkout and viewing. It is our policy that you, as the parent or guardian, are ultimately responsible for the resources your children borrow, view, or use in the library. If you want more information on library policies regarding material selection and minors' access to libraries, please contact us.

We respect the privacy of all library users. Only the library card holder may receive information about materials checked out on his or her card; however, parents and guardians will, upon request, be told the titles and authors of materials which are checked out on their child's card.

It may not be wise for children to spend long periods of time at the library unattended. Because the library is a public place, parents are encouraged to stay with their children, or at least monitor their time in the library. Library staff can't be responsible for supervising patrons.

Cherish and nurture your child's love of reading. We want you and your child to use the library often. Our libraries offer a wide variety of programs for children. Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with your family.

Cindy Moore

Computer/Internet Policy

(Revised - 1/2008)

Converse County Library offers free access to the Internet in accordance with its mission, the American Library Association's "Library Bill of Rights" and the associated interpretation "Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks."

The Internet offers access to many valuable information sources. However, not all sources provide accurate, complete, unbiased, or current information. The library assumes no responsibility for the use of the Internet, and the library does not endorse or control the viewpoints of electronic information. The library does not filter computers. Library users accept the risk that some sites may include explicit or otherwise offensive material. It is the user's responsibility, or that of the parent or guardian, to determine what is appropriate. Users are encouraged to be good information consumers by evaluating the validity of information accessed. Please ask a librarian for more information on how to be better information consumers.

Any patron is welcome to use the library computers. Every effort will be made to accommodate special needs.

As with other library materials, any restriction of a minor's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the minor's parent/guardian. A parent/guardian of a minor must, with the minor in their care, read and sign an Internet usage agreement. To ensure a positive and productive experience, parents/guardians should use the Internet with the minor in their care.

Computers with Internet capability will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The library reserves the right to impose time limits on the use of library computers. Library staff may be able to answer basic computer or Internet questions, but are not able to provide in-depth computer or Internet training.

Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials or to access materials which would be considered obscene under Wyoming statute. Library patrons are free to access the Internet, but must be respectful of the rights of others.

While the library gathers statistics on computer and Internet usage, in accordance with the Wyoming State Statute #16-4-203 governing patron confidentiality, the library does not gather or maintain records of any individual's use of a library computer or the Internet.

All items downloaded to the computer hard drives will be deleted upon computer shut down. Users must observe all laws relating to copyright, trademark, export, and intellectual property rights. Illegal activities, as well as any other activities intended to interfere with or disrupt network users, services, or equipment are prohibited.

Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. The library reserves the right to terminate any computer session. Violations of library policy may result in suspension or loss of computer privileges and may lead to financial responsibility. Users are expected to abide by all applicable state and federal laws. Illegal acts involving library computers may result in prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.